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Read more about drugs, abuse and recovery. If you're a drug user and are experiencing some form of withdrawal after taking LSD, tell your doctor who you are using on your schedule to see what effect you've had on your life. Other drugs may also have other, more addictive, non-addictive characteristics, such as increased dependence, addiction, increased vulnerability to violence, or problems with substance misuse. The following tables contain estimates of marijuana use by age. In the absence of data on alcohol use and marijuana use in the general population, estimates of users were based on data on heroin use and using prescription medication, and estimates of use during one year were based on the data on alcohol use and marijuana use recorded by the Canadian Survey of Drug Use and Health in 1999-2000 and 1998-1999. The Canadian Survey of Drug Use and Health estimates the effects of prescription cannabis to use as compared to its non-prescription counterpart. The Canadian Survey of Substance Use and Health estimates that cannabis use among Canadians ages 16 to 64 is about one third of the national average. No prescription Dimethyltryptamine